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Thursday, 21 September 2017 07:43

DeSanto Exterior Pool Screen Medium Distance

Home Care Suites recently completed a cottage in Clearwater for a lovely family.  Our client, Sheila, had been a successful real estate agent for many years and had a nice condo in downtown Clearwater, but she had gotten to a point where she preferred to be close to her family. She sold her condo and built a cottage in her son's backyard, which had a smaller footprint than her condo, and would be easier to maintain with lower utility bills.   

Sheila had taken care of her own father and went through the process of him aging and passing away, so she had a first-hand experience of taking care of parents.  Sheila decided that a Home Care Suite was a much better option for her. Sheila wanted to be close to her family, but she also wanted to maintain her independence and have her own private space.   

Having spent dozens of years as a real estate agent, Sheila knew the value and appeal of having a guest house on a property.  Sheila's cottage was completed in early August 2017 and she is living comfortably there now.  

We are very happy to report that Sheila's cottage stood up to Hurricane Irma with no damage, and she and her family were safe through the storm.   

The cottage is attached to the main home through a connected breezeway, and a screened in lanai that surrounds the family's backyard pool.  Sheila and her family love gathering together on their back patio in the evenings and on weekends.   In Clearwater, building code requires that an accessory dwelling unit must be attached to the main home, so we were able to create a lovely compound for this family by attaching the cottage through a small roof tie-in and breezeway.  


Friday, 07 July 2017 05:18

Home Care Suites was featured on Tampa Bay's Channel 10 WTSP CBS News in early July, 2017  

Nightside reporter, Beau Zimmer met with one of our South Tampa families, Kathy and RC Barker, who are building a backyard cottage.  This cottage for Kathy's father, a retired Military Colonel who wanted to maintain his independence. Kathy and her father considered an assisted living facility, but after visiting a few, her Father decided they were not a good fit for him. After doing a little research, Kathy found the backyard cottage option, and her father thought it was a perfect fit!  

You can also find a link to view the video on WTSP CBS Ch. 10 website here:

Beau Zimmer CBS WTSP Ch. 10 Home Care Suites

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 15:30

Home Care Suites VS MedCottage

GrannyPod Showdown1

The “Granny Pod” trend is sweeping the nation, and there’s one company that’s getting a lot of attention. Home Care Suites would like to challenge the versatility of the popularly sited “MedCottage,” and suggest that our granny pod offers a more comfortable, practical, and economical cottage lifestyle for your aging family member. 

But first…

What is a granny pod? 

Essentially, a granny pod is a stand-alone housing structure that a family puts in their backyard for an aging relative.  This structure can be modular, although this is not permitted in Florida. Florida requires permanently built structures. The technical term for a granny pod is an “Accessory Dwelling Unit.” These tiny homes, or granny flats are gaining popularity as baby boomers increasingly reject assisted living facilities or nursing homes and pursue options that allow them to age in place. 

Granny pods or granny flats are more appealing than a traditional spare bedroom mother-in-law suite because they are a separate building, giving everyone their own privacy and separate living space.  Mom or dad can live with you; just not under your roof.  This new option for aging parents is an affordable alternative to assisted living facilities, which can cost well over $3,000 per month out of pocket.  Granny pods, or Home Care Suites enable an efficient, family-focused lifestyle keeps families close and independent. 

MedCottage VS. Tampa-Bay-based Home Care Suites 


Home Care Suites: $75,000 to $110,000

MedCottage:  $150,000 to $200,000


Home Care Suites:  Our cottages are designed to focus on high quality living and comfort.  Our builder has over 30 years of experience designing high-end custom homes, bathrooms and kitchens. We know how to design and build comfortable, livable structures that are pleasing to the eye. The cottage lifestyle is cozy and convenient. We’ve made the most of our floor space so that everything you need is at your fingertips in one comfortable, compact space. The Home Care Suites cottage is designed to feel more like home than a hospital room.  

MedCottage: MedCottage granny pods have a more sterile environment similar to a nursing home or a skilled care center. The design is centered around medical components, such as blood pressure cuffs, medication dispensers, activity sensors, and other medical technology that not only increases the cost of the structure but make it feel more like a doctor’s office than home. 


Home Care Suites:  A Home Care Suite is an affordable investment with long-term value; it is an investment into your home that can be used throughout every stage of life.  Your Home Care Suite can be used for multiple purposes in addition to the original purpose; it can be a home office, gym, guesthouse, or game room.  

MedCottage: While the company claims that this building can be repurposed for future activities, such alterations will not come easily. The initial design of the building is focused on the efficiency and finish of a skilled care nursing Center which is much more difficult to repurpose.

Conversely, Home Care Suites cottages focus first on comfort and livability. Individual owners have the option to add as many or as few medical devices as they desire a la carte. Our basic design is a versatile one that can be easily used as a pool cabana, then as a mother-in-law suite/granny pod and then again used as an office or guest home as needs change.


Home Care Suites: The cottage is custom-designed to match the primary home on a family’s lot. We can easily add wheelchair ramps, and other components such as easy-to-reach cabinets and adjust counter-heights to meet the needs of your family member. 

MedCottage:  The photos we’ve seen of MedCottage clearly show stairs in the front entryway, which would be difficult to navigate for a person in a wheelchair. 

Structural Integrity

Home Care Suites Our structures are permanently built to match the architectural style of the primary residence. Home Care Suites meet Florida building codes and are capable of withstanding Florida hurricanes. We construct our buildings from concrete, wood framing, with each durable cottage reflecting our building expertise, singularity, and craftsmanship.

MedCottage are modular, portable residences with plastic vinyl siding that we do not believe would meet Florida building codes.

In Tampa Bay, Home Care Suites is your best option for a granny pod that will enhance the value of your home and keeps your loved one close and independent.

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