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Hello! My name is Lori Greenberg, and I am the proud owner of Tiny Chateau Greenberg. I’ve never written a blog post before, but I decided it would be worthwhile to communicate with people who are considering building a tiny house.


For me, the experience of watching my cottage develop has been absolutely fantastic! I’ve seen it grow from a hole in the ground, to a concrete foundation, to a wood frame. It’s so exciting to view the progression! I’ve been able to observe absolutely every phase of the construction. I eagerly look forward to coming home from work each day to see (and photograph) any changes. I love to send the photos to my children (Jacob, age 20 and Joshua, age 27) so they can see the development of the cottage.


Henry Moseley has been amazing to work with! He takes the time to answer all of my questions, and believe me, I ask a hell of a lot of questions. Thus far, I haven’t experienced any problems with the construction. What surprised me the most is that, some days, such as when they work on the plumbing, there aren’t a lot of visible changes. However, on other days, such as when the framing was erected, the cottage undergoes dramatic and noticeable changes.


tiny home florida6 I’m passionate about tiny houses for several reasons. I love the idea of utilizing fewer resources. Tiny homes use a fraction of the building materials than larger homes require. Additionally, one needs to use much less electricity to heat and/or cool a small dwelling. By using smaller amounts of concrete, lumber, shingles, drywall, flooring, etc., and by using less electricity, I can minimize my impact on the environment. As a bonus, I’m also able to save a lot of money! Compared to conventionally-sized homes, tiny homes are way less expensive to build and maintain.


Furthermore, tiny homes are the perfect solution for multi-generational housing. Due to advances in medicine, people now have longer lifespans. However, as they age, they often require some sort of assistance from family members. Many seniors are on fixed incomes and are unable to afford private caregivers. Consequently, aging parents may need to move in with their adult children (or in my case, I moved to my parents’ house). I love my parents, but it would be unpleasant for us to live together in the same house, as we argue quite a bit! By having a cottage in their backyard, I’m completely accessible to them, yet I have my own private space. Perfect!


Honestly, I think that tiny homes can fill a huge need for so many different people for so many different reasons. Young single adults or couples with limited budgets, people concerned about the environment, older adults with aging parents…. tiny homes would be great for any of them. I hope that cities around the country understand the benefits of tiny houses and update their antiquated zoning laws accordingly!


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