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tiny home painted

Hello again from Lori Greenberg! I want to provide another update regarding Tiny Chateau Greenberg. It is truly astonishing to me how quickly my cottage has progressed! It seems as though the first two months of construction moved along at a nice, steady pace, but this past month has been noticeably different. The Chateau has evolved from a simple wooden frame to an actual house! The interior walls have been erected and painted, the exterior stucco has been applied and painted, and shingles now cover the roof.

Appropriately, I had minimal input during those first two months of construction, as I did not need to make any decisions about concrete, soil, pipes, lumber, etc. I did elect to have the entire interior framework sprayed with a non-toxic borate solution, in order to provide additional protection against termites. However, during this new phase of construction, I’ve been much more involved, as I had to select paint, flooring, and plumbing fixtures.

I decided to paint the interior all white, as this is a neutral color and will allow me unlimited options for accessorizing. However, I love bright colors, so I chose a “beautiful” shade of blue for the exterior. Unfortunately, I have terrible taste when it comes to selecting colors, as what appeals to me is usually quite horrifying to the rest of the world! Henry Moseley brought a sample of the blue I had chosen and we applied it to the exterior. Although he was diplomatic about it, it was obvious that he did not like the color. Additionally, my children, friends, parents, and parents’ friends all disliked it! I realized that, for the sake of Tiny Chateau Greenberg, I’d better allow Henry to select the exterior color. He chose a magnificent shade of blue (with subtle purple overtones) that everyone seems to love, including me! Thank you, Henry!

The flooring will be installed tomorrow. It is a vinyl plank floor that looks like wood. Since the floor is made of vinyl, it is waterproof, which makes it suitable for use in my bathroom and kitchenette. Henry recommended this type of floor as the most practical for a small dwelling, as we can utilize the same floor throughout the entire house, which gives an appearance of spaciousness.

Next, I’ll need to choose cabinets and a countertop. The saga will continue...

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