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Home Care.... Sweet!

The August Issue of Furniture, Lighting and Decor Magazine features Home Care Suites cottages, which it calls, "The Suite Solution”.

The article talks about how there is a new housing alternative that many retiring boomers find appealing: granny flats or accessory dwelling units (ADUs). These backyard cottages, also sometimes referred to as tiny homes, or granny pods, offer an answer to two pressing challenges.

Alison Martin of Lighting and Decor Magazine wrote that ADUs “stand poised to solve two major housing crises in cities across the country: the struggle for more affordable housing and the eventual wave of retired and aged Baby Boomers who cannot physically live or afford to live by themselves.”

Henry Moseley Jr., founder and president of Home Care Suites started making these ADUs when his friend asked him to transform a cabana into a livable space for an aging family member. From this experience, Moseley created the custom cottage building company “designed for elderly living with a focus on accessibility.”

By 2035, one in five Americans will be over the age of 65, as well as one in three heads of house, says the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. As housing and healthcare costs continue to rise, ADUs may provide a win-win-win: affordable housing in major cities, comfortable living for aging Boomers and caregiving assistance for adult children.”

While ADUs are a great option for some boomers, they are not a perfect fit for everyone. The cottages are a significant investment.   According to Carrie Shores of San Francisco Bay Area-based Larson Shores Architecture and Interiors explains, “Little houses have all the same expensive parts as a big house but don’t have the extra square feet to bring down the cost.”

“In Florida, the ADU’s cost about $200 per square foot to build. Moseley’s most popular design — a 400-square-foot ADU with a 65- to 85-square-foot porch — costs about $85,000.00"

However, compared to the cost of assisted living facilities (ALF), ADUs are more cost-effective in the long run. According to research the average cost of a one-bedroom in an ALF in the United States is between $3,500 and $4,000 per month.

Building a Home Care Suite pays for itself in just over two years of paying for a one-bedroom in an Alternative Living Facility.

There are a few ways to recoup the investment. In Florida taxpayers are able to get a waiver on their taxes if there is an elderly person living in a space on their property.

“If people think they’re building these cottages just for a parent,” Moseley says, “they’re mistaken.”   Home Care Suites residents enjoy multiple benefits from multi-generation living. Grandparents are able to spend more time with the grandkids, parents spend less time driving across town to visit mom or dad, and the cottage can be used for multiple purposes after their loved one has passed away.  

In a 2016 AARP report, it estimates that that family caregivers focused on the elderly spend about 20 percent of their annual income on costs related to caregiving. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the emotional toll.

Alison Martin said it best in her piece in Lighting and Decor Magazine:  “Greater access to affordable housing and ADUs could potentially benefit people of all ages no matter where they’re living. The tools are out there. Now it will be up to cities and communities to help future generations realize their American Dreams and let others finish theirs in dignity.”

To read the piece by Martin, click here:

To take a virtual tour of our most popular Home Care Suite model, The Floridian, click here.

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Grandkids Make Life Grand

If you knew grandkids would be this fun, you would have had them first, right!?

It should come as no surprise that when kids spend more time with their grandparents, everyone wins. With age, comes wisdom. Our elders have a wealth of information - just waiting to share knowledge, love and skill sets with anyone, but particularly younger relatives.

Good Housekeeping Magazine wrote an article, titled, “A New Study Says Kids Need to Spend More Time With Their Grandparents -- Another thing your mom was right about!”  You can find it here.  

Studies have shown that intergenerational interaction has many benefits - it makes kids more compassionate, patient, interested in a variety of fields, and cultivates a more positive view of the elderly in general. Kids reported learning life lessons and expanding their skill set on an interpersonal level and in a more tangible way, as well.

It might also come as no surprise that Florida has the highest percentage of senior citizens than any other state. Children who recorded spending time with their grandparent/s at least once a week reported being happier and healthier.

As seniors retire and find their homes become a bit too much for them to manage anymore, a great option is a Home Care Suite. It allows grandparents to maintain their independence by still living on their own and allows them access to interact with their grandchildren. Grandparents and grandchildren are able to grow their relationship with weekly dates, as well as pass down wisdom learned from a life well lived.

Click here to learn more about Home Care Suites - backyard cottages built to keep your family close, comfortable, and independent.   

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Home Care Suites featured on WFLA NBC

We are so happy to be featured on Tampa's NBC station, WFLA. We had so much fun working with reporter Meredyth Censullo, Sheila De Santo and her wonderful family in Clearwater.  Check out our awesome NBC segment on Granny Cottages.  

Granny Cottages on WFLA NBC Tampa Home Care Suites

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Home Care Suites was featured on Tampa Bay's Channel 10 WTSP CBS News in early July, 2017  

Nightside reporter, Beau Zimmer met with one of our South Tampa families, Kathy and RC Barker, who are building a backyard cottage.  This cottage for Kathy's father, a retired Military Colonel who wanted to maintain his independence. Kathy and her father considered an assisted living facility, but after visiting a few, her Father decided they were not a good fit for him. After doing a little research, Kathy found the backyard cottage option, and her father thought it was a perfect fit!  

You can also find a link to view the video on WTSP CBS Ch. 10 website here:

Beau Zimmer CBS WTSP Ch. 10 Home Care Suites

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Home Care Suites Featured on Fox13 News

Home Care Suites was featured in a March 25th, 2014 story about senior housing options on Fox13 News.  The story talks about how every day, 10,000 people turn 65. And as the baby boomers age, they are starting to think about where they are going to live, and who they are going to live with. These days people are looking for alternatives to the traditional nursing home or Assisted Living Facility.  


Watch the video here: 


FOX 13 News

Home Care Suites founder, Henry Moseley points out to Fox Anchor Cynthia Smoot how his custom backyard cottages can keep families close and independent.  The news story also discusses Lennar's NextGen multi-family homes, which cost between $200K and $300K.  


Home Care Suites is a good option for families who may not want to buy a bigger house, but who do want to live closer to family.  You can build a cottage in your backyard that extends your living space, enhances your property value, and allows you to modify the structure as your needs change.


Our versatile structures can not only be used as a mother in law suite, but they make a great home office, gym, guest house, or even craft or hobby studio.


Following is the Full Text of the Fox 13 News Article:  

TAMPA (FOX 13) -

If you're like many older Americans with parents still living, chances are you'll confront the questionof what to do with Mom or Dad when they can no longer live by themselves.

As 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day, this issue will become more common and businesses are starting to come up with solutions.

Welcome to the world of 'granny pods.' That's what many call the little cottages you can put in your backyard to keep an elderly relative nearby, but not under the same roof.

South Tampa builder Henry Moseley calls his custom-built cottages "home care suites," but it's the same concept. His company will build one of three models in your backyard that vary in size and price from $40,000 to $80,000.

"We want to keep our family close, but independent," he explained.

Moseley also says his custom suites are more than competitive with assisted living facilities.

"An ALF typically, just for the bricks and mortar rental, is about $3,000 a month. We can put you in one of our suites for $1,000 a month," he claimed.

For Mark Fersaci and his mom, Lennar's NextGen housing made sense. NextGen is a house within a house. Mark and his wife have their space; Betty Fersaci has hers.

"Like I tell her 'Mom, if you want me or need anything, just open the door. I'll be right on over. If you don't want to see me, close the door,'" Mark Fersaci said.

Betty Fersaci, 85, lived two hours away in Altamonte Springs. After two knee replacements, she started falling. She says she knew it was time.

"I was on the dining room and I couldn't get up at all. Three hours I laid there and I thought, 'Who's going to find me here?'"

Mark Fersaci went in search of a mother-in-law suite and found the Lennar home instead. His mother has 800-plus square feet of space with her own garage and private entrance. She also has a full kitchen -- minus a stove because of code requirements, a handicap-accessible bathroom with a roll-in shower, and large master bedroom. They converted a living room closet into a pantry.

"This is why Mark comes over," Betty says, chuckling. "Mark comes over and says 'Oh Mom, can I take that spaghetti sauce?'"

Lennar's vice president of sales, Dale Human, says demand for their NextGen homes is growing by the day. They're building three models in the Tampa Bay area ranging from the high $200's to the low $300's.

"The feedback we've been getting from the public is, 'We've got kids coming home from college. We have in-laws moving in. We need this extra space,'" he explained.

The Fersacis say, for them, this is the perfect fit.

"We have our independence, she has her independence," Mark added.

For more information:

Home Care Suites:
Lennar NextGen Homes:

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