Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you customize the unit to match my house?

YES. We can match any existing structures features.  We will custom design your unit to match the exterior of your current home. We can match paint, siding, stucco, or any other material.  Our vision is for your granny flat to blend beautifully into your backyard and become an extension of your homestead. Not only will we match materials, but we also work to custom design your Home Care Suite to compliment the architecture of your home. 

How big does my property need to be?

The lot size requirements vary widely by county and municipality.  Our zoning experts are available to provide a free zoning consultation to understand your particular requirements. Use our contact form to let us know more about your property.

How do the utilities connect?

The utilities (water, sewer, electricity and gas if applicable) connect to the primary structure on the property.  

How long does it take?

Once the comprehensive zoning assessment is complete and materials have arrived on site, we are estimating the assembly process to be 8 weeks or more. This will depend on weather and the local building inspector’s availability. Florida is prone to severe rain and weather conditions that have the possibility to delay projects.  

Is it hurricane proof?

YES. Our structures are designed to withstand hurricane winds.  Our contractor has 25+ years of experience building custom homes in the Tampa Bay area, where Florida law requires some of the strongest wind ratings in the country. 

Is it pre-fabricated?

NO. Our units are built on-site with a concrete foundation.  All Home Care Suites will meet the State of Florida building code. 

What about zoning?

We are experts in the zoning process, and part of our service is to provide the due diligence of researching your specific zoning ordinances.  We guarantee all Home Care Suites will meet local and state regulations.  The time required in the zoning process will depend on your needs and local restrictions.

What does it cost?

Our signature backyard cottages are built to last.  

With over 30 years of experience, our builder prides himself on quality construction that meets or exceeds Florida building codes.  
Our price points vary depending on the suitability your site, your geographic location and the upgrades that you select.



 Our cottages range in price from $185 to $220 per square foot.

  • The minimum price for our smallest cottage, the 256 SF Poinciana, is $57,000.00.  
  • The Floridian, our one bedroom cottage, which is 448 SF (gross), 384 SF (living area) is $87,000. 
  • Larger cottages can cost around $110,000.



The smaller the unit, the higher the cost per square foot, because of necessary construction costs. 

  • The price is based on gross square footage, which includes the porch.


What if I live in a neighborhood with a Home Ownership Association?

Unfortunately, most HOAs  have regulations that exclude Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) but contact us so we may double check for any exceptions.  

Typically, homes that are built in a platted subdivision only allow enough room for the primary structure, and setback requirements prevent an accessory dwelling unit from being built. 

We also find that within a lot of CDDs or Development Districts, Accessory Dwelling Units are not permitted.  

Every site is unique, and the rules vary widely from city to county. We encourage you to get in touch with your HOA, your CDD, or your city or county to learn more about your local zoning ordinances.   

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

According to the American Planning Association, an Accessory Dwelling Unit is:

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are small, self-contained living units that typically have their own kitchen, bedroom(s), and bathroom space. Often called granny flats, elder cottage housing opportunities (ECHO), mother-daughter residences, or secondary dwelling units, ADUs are apartments that can be located within the walls of an existing or newly constructed single-family home or can be an addition to an existing home. They can also be freestanding cottages on the same lot as the principal dwelling unit or a conversion of a garage or barn.


Will it fit on your property?

Find out your local zoning ordinances with a site analysis from one of our experts.

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Home Care Suites are an affordable alternative to an assisted living facility in the greater Tampa Bay area.
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